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Notarized translations, or more commonly sworn translations of documents, consist of the translation of the text from one language to another, followed by formalization through an oath that the translator takes in court, before the court clerk. Thus, the affidavit constitutes such an oath; the translator declares that he or she has translated the original text well and faithfully.
Legalized translations means: the Public Prosecutor’s Office affixes a stamp, with which it authenticates the signature of the Registrar who signed the asseveration. Legalization thus constitutes the next step after the asseveration. This stamp is the Apostille when the country to which the document is destined has acceded to the Hague Convention.
Italian law requires the application of revenue stamps on the translated pages. At the Court of Como, a 16.00 € revenue stamp is required for every 4 pages of translation, including the translator’s sworn affidavit. Certain types of documents are exempt from the application of the stamps.
A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a statement of the translator, certifying that the translation is faithful and in accordance with the original source text. Therefore, there is no need for court intervention or the application of stamps.
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